Our Story

Closetology embarked on its journey in 2002 during the exciting new era of eBay and the rise of e-commerce. Back then, online marketplaces were transforming the way people bought and sold, opening up endless possibilities for entrepreneurs to showcase their unique offerings to a global audience. In this dynamic digital landscape, Closetology flourished and in 2012, expanded into its first brick and mortar location selling vintage clothing and high-end designer pieces. With a keen eye for unique fashion and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service, the company quickly gained a loyal following. Just a few months later, in 2012, Closetology introduced CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paint to its offerings. 

This partnership marked the beginning of an exciting chapter as the company ventured into the world of painting and upcycling one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. The addition of the CeCe Caldwell brand not only aligned with Closetology's commitment to sustainability and artistic expression but also opened up numerous opportunities for creative exploration. The combination of vintage fashion, designer clothing, and unique painted furniture established Closetology as a distinctive destination that seamlessly blended style, creativity, and sustainability, captivating customers with its diverse and eclectic offerings.   

Two years later, in 2014, Closetology underwent a remarkable period of growth as it embarked on an expansion journey that would redefine its retail presence. With an unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience, the company more than doubled its retail floor space. This expansion not only allowed for a wider selection of clothing and accessories but also enhanced the overall ambiance of the store, creating a more immersive and inviting environment for customers to explore. As a result, Closetology experienced a surge in popularity, with an ever-growing base of loyal patrons.

The momentum of growth continued year after year as Closetology set its sights on new horizons. The company expanded its footprint by venturing into Brother's Antique Mall, located in Medina, Ohio. This strategic move marked another milestone in Closetology's journey, as it expanded its reach into a new market and catered to an even broader customer base. The addition of Brother's Antique Mall provided an exciting platform for showcasing the company's curated collections. 

Another major growth milestone in Closetology's history was the relocation from Barberton, Ohio to the bustling Hartville Marketplace in Hartville, Ohio. This strategic move provided the company with increased visibility and access to a larger customer base. With the expansion to a new location, Closetology seized the opportunity to diversify its clothing offerings and introduce its most eclectic line yet: Magnolia Pearl. This addition to the company's repertoire further solidified its reputation for curating unique and artful fashion pieces. Magnolia Pearl's distinct style, with its artful distressing and bespoke designs, perfectly complemented Closetology's commitment to providing customers with one-of-a-kind garments that exuded individuality and timeless charm. The move to Hartville and the inclusion of Magnolia Pearl allowed Closetology to further establish itself as a sought-after destination for fashion-forward individuals seeking a blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary creativity.